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Cửa hàng

Tủ CEMS-2000

Hệ thống bao gồm
Hệ thống giám sát nồng độ bụi
– FPI LDM-100; LSS2004 Laser Dust Monitor
Hệ thống giám sát nồng độ khí thải ( Bao gồm SO2, NOx, NO , CO, CO2, O2 , …)

Gaseous Contaminant Monitoring Subsystem (including SO , 2
NO, NO , O , etc.) 2 2
– FPI OMA-2000 Process Spectrometer
Flue Gas Parameter Monitoring Subsystem (Temperature,
pressure, flow rate, humidity, etc.)
– transmitters for temperature, pressure, flow rate and humidity.
Data Acquisition and processing subsystem
– FPI SJWT-0410 data acquisition and process system
System Features

has no moving parts, featuring compact configuration and long
maintenance interval;
■ Higher reliability and lower ownership, eliminating the use of
costly parts such as peristaltic pump, diaphragm pump and
condensation system;
■ Higher accuracy, adopting hot-wet process to avoid SO being 2
absorbed by condensed water;
■ Gas analysis uses the UV spectroscopy technology, which can
deal with the negative effect on measurement from water and
■ Analysis system connected to the measurement cell by optical
fiber, easing installation and maintenance
■ Adopt unique filter to reduce dust more effectively and
improve the blowback significantly, in turn obtain a longer
maintenance interval;
■ Two-step measurement, higher accuracy and better
■ Full components measurement, all parameters integrated into
to a panel mount OMA-2000.
Comparing to conventional condensation method, CEMS-2000s
Technical Specifications
● Gaseous Contaminant Monitoring Subsystem
Measure range: (0-300-5000) ppm (can be customerized)
Components: Up to 5 gases (SO , NO , O , CO, CO ) + humidity 2 2 2
Linearity: SO , NO : 1%F.S. 2 x
O (ZrO): 2%F.S. (0-30%) 2
O (Electrochemistry): 2%F.S. (0-30%) 2
CO: 5%F.S. (0-1000ppm)
CO : 3% 2 readout + 1.5%F.S. (0-25%)
Response Time: 30s
I/Os: 8-channel relay output, 4-channel on/off input;
5-channel 4-20mA output, 2-channel 4-20mA input
Communication: RS485, RS232/GPRS
Ambient Temperature: 5℃~40℃

● Particulate Concentration Monitoring Subsystem
Items Specifications
Measurement Range Transmittance: 0-100%, 80-100%
Opacity: 100-0%, 20-0%
Extinction: 0-2.5, 0-0.1
Accuracy Transmittance/Opacity: ±0.4%
Extinction: ±0.002
Optical Path 0.5-15m
Response Time 1-600s (adjustable)
Gas Temperature -20℃~600℃
Gas Pressure -20KPa~50KPa
Enclosure Protection IP65
Analogue Output 2-channel 4-20mA (isolated, 750Ω max)
Communication RS485
Relay Output 3-channel output (relay: 24V, 1A)
Power Supply Measurement units: 24V DC<20W
Purge unit: 220V AC<40W
Ambient Temperature -30℃~60℃
● Flue Gas Parameter Monitoring Subsystem
Parameter Range Accuracy Output Signal
Flowrate 0-40m/s ±1%F.S. 4-20mA
Pressure -10KPa~10KPa ±0.5%F.S. 4-20mA
Temperature 0℃~400℃ ±0.5%F.S. 4-20mA
Humidity 0~20%VOL ±2%F.S. 4-20mA

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